July 2016

Monthly Executive Meeting

20 July 2016, 7:00-9:00 PM

Staff Lounge, University Settlement House

In attendance: Ralph (presiding), Max, Dennis, Pesha, Ceta, Julie, David, Karen, Geoff

1.         Welcome:

Agenda and June minutes approved           

2.         Grange Park:


 Ralph informed that there is a proposal for a revised design for the water feature in the Northwest.   Ceta indicated that this design should be year round, and that there are possible problems with the design, including breakage and danger to users (children).  Ceta expressed concern with continual changes to park features.  Ralph noted that all changes need approval of GPAC.

Paver inscriptions update:

Ceta and Pesha provided an update on the inscriptions for pavers in the park.  The work group is still tweaking the list of names, seeking additional input from the community on the list of names/texts.  There are currently 17 names on the list, to be narrowed down to 10, via polling of the community.

3.         Community Standards:

Grange Green Plan – next steps:

Ralph presented the draft of the Grange Green Plan, seeking approval for forwarding our plan to the Councillor.  Ceta suggested inventorying and including in the plan the many isolated green spaces in the neighbourhood. She noted the ongoing struggle with regard to Canada Life  park to see it opened to the public.  Max indicated that in 2017, the city can take back Simcoe Street and open it to Queen Street; this gives us leverage regarding the Park opening.  Ralph asks for additional comments and/or changes to the current draft. He will send the draft to the Councillor immediately.

Laneway Naming Update:

Ceta reported sending a letter with names to the City, which requested her to resubmit on approved format to a staff person who has been assigned to work on this file.  The City  questions the naming of Silverstein Lane, given its potential for advertising.

Film Company Donations Update:

Ralph reports that his requests to Production Companies filming on location in the Grange neighbourhood to make a donation to the GCA have had positive results. Several companies have either made a donation or have promised to do so. $1,250 in total has been promised, $750 has been collected and is in the GCA account.  The established donation rate is $500 per shoot, with some flexibility for smaller, independent production companies.

4.         Planning & Development:

203 College:

City approved staff recommendations to oppose it, timing to be set for OMB hearing soon.

Spadina Planning Study:

City Planning is setting up a committee to determine how best to update a previous planning study of Spadina Avenue.  Max is participating in this working group, on behalf of GCA along with other Community Association reps.  At a preliminary meeting, concerns were expressed that the working group is not big enough, and more inputs were needed; the group has decided to hold a series of meetings, outlining who should be there, including developers who own Spadina properties. Most importantly, the working group decided to develop and provide a plan to the city, not vice versa. This is because historically the city has not seen its role as representing neighbourhood concerns in planning, but rather professional concerns. This study, Max noted, also represents an opportunity to change the nature of recent planning practices for community consultation.

180 John St:

The GCA previously negotiated $30,000 from the developer for public realm improvements satisfactory to the city solicitor.  There have been complaints about the site management and construction disruptions for neighbours.

172 John St:

Ceta reported on the Committee of Adjustment hearing on this development, which GCA opposed. A deferral was not granted, however we gained $15,000 for public realm improvements on John Street.

85-87 Huron:

Received a deferral from Committee of Adjustment.

5.         Institutional:


Max has completed the process of incorporation of the GCA.

Next meeting:

The August meeting having been cancelled, the next meeting will be held on September 15, 2016.